TLDR bot

TLDR bot is a Discord bot that provides a quick and efficient way to catch up on Discord conversations by generating summaries of the chats. It eliminates the need for endless scrolling and tedious searching to stay updated on your Discord server.

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how to use:
To use TLDR bot, invite it to your Discord server and simply use the /tldr command to generate a summary of any conversation. The bot will analyze the chat and provide a concise summary of the important points discussed.
Core freatures:
Generates summaries of Discord conversationsQuick and efficient catching up on missed chatsEliminates endless scrolling and tedious searchingEasy integration into Discord servers
Use case:

Staying updated on Discord servers while away

Effortlessly catching up on conversations

Saving time and effort in summarizing lengthy chats

Getting a quick overview of important discussions

FAQ list:


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