Tinq.ai – NLP API

Tinq.ai is an AI toolkit that provides a range of natural language processing (NLP) capabilities as a service. It offers ready-to-use APIs for tasks such as named-entity recognition, sentiment analysis, text classification, summarization, question answering, text generation, and language detection.

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how to use:
To use Tinq.ai, developers can sign up for an API key and integrate it into their projects. They can then make API requests to perform various NLP tasks like extracting entities from text, analyzing sentiment, summarizing content, and more. The API is simple to use and documentation is available to assist developers in implementing the toolkits effectively.
Core freatures:
NER (Named-Entity Recognition)Sentiment AnalysisText ClassificationSummarizationQuestion AnsweringText GenerationLanguage Detection
Use case:

Content moderation and sentiment analysis at scale

Writing assistance and paraphrasing in various languages

Extracting useful content from web articles for research or content creation

Automating customer support with question answering capabilities

FAQ list:
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