Theneo is an advanced AI-powered API documentation tool that revolutionizes the process of creating and maintaining API documentation. It allows users to effortlessly generate Stripe-like API docs with support for OpenAPI, Postman, GraphQL, and more. Theneo simplifies the integration process and helps users streamline their API documentation workflow.

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how to use:
To use Theneo, follow these steps:
1. Import your API collection manually or automatically using integration tools like Postman.
2. Let Theneo’s AI assistant generate descriptions and summaries for your API, eliminating manual work.
3. Collaborate and edit effortlessly using Notion-like commands and API widgets.
4. Publish your API docs with a custom domain and customize the visual elements to match your brand.
5. Grow API adoption by enabling users to test your endpoints, get live results, and provide feedback using the API Explorer tool.
6. Automate documentation updates with Theneo’s extensions for platforms like Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and VS code extension.
Core freatures:
AI-powered documentation generationEffortless import of API collectionsCollaborative editing with Notion-like commandsCustomizable API documentation with brandingAPI Explorer tool for testing and feedbackAutomated documentation updatesIntegration with popular development tools and source code editors
Use case:

Creating stunning and low-maintenance API documentation

Simplifying the integration process for REST, GraphQL, and other APIs

Improving API adoption through user-friendly API Explorer tool

Automating documentation updates to eliminate outdated information

Customizing API docs to match brand style and aesthetics

FAQ list:
Is Theneo suitable for all types of APIs? Can Theneo automatically update the documentation when the API code changes? Can I customize the visual appearance of the API documentation? Does Theneo provide a tool for users to test API endpoints? Does Theneo offer integration with popular development tools and source code editors?


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