TestGenAI is an AI-powered tool that helps generate PHP unit tests for your existing code using Artificial Intelligence and Abstract Syntax Trees (AST). It allows you to quickly generate automated tests for your PHP code without the need for manual effort.

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how to use:
To use TestGenAI, you need to register an account on the website. Once registered, you can provide your class and method code to TestGenAI. The tool analyzes your code using AI and AST techniques to generate PHP unit tests. You can then review and use these generated tests to ensure the functionality and reliability of your code. TestGenAI also provides a history of generated tests for reference and further use.
Core freatures:
TestGenAI offers the following core features:
1. AI-powered test generation: Utilizes AI algorithms and AST to generate PHP unit tests.
2. Quick test generation: Generates tests in seconds with a single click.
3. Project context: Generates tests with consideration of project context rather than isolated forms.
4. History of generated tests: Provides a record of previously generated tests for easy reference.
Use case:

TestGenAI can be used in the following scenarios:
1. Test Driven Development (TDD): It enables developers to quickly create test cases for their code to follow the TDD approach.
2. Code verification: It helps in validating the correctness of the code by generating tests based on the provided code.
3. Efficient testing: It saves time and effort by automatically generating unit tests, reducing the need for manual test case creation.
4. Code coverage: It assists in achieving higher code coverage by generating tests for different code paths and scenarios.

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