Tended.ai is an AI-powered RFP automation platform that simplifies the tendering process by leveraging the power of AI and ChatGPT. It streamlines the response to customer questionnaires, helping businesses save time and ultimately win more tenders.

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how to use:
Using Tended.ai is easy. Simply import your data sources into the platform, invite your team members to collaborate, and let the AI-powered system automatically generate data-enhanced responses in natural language. With the help of AI, you can complete tenders in minutes instead of weeks, freeing up time to focus on growing your business.
Core freatures:
AI-powered RFP automationAdvanced integrations with data sourcesReal-time collaboration toolsEfficient answering of customer questionsImport and answer tenders in various formats
Use case:

Streamline tender processes

Answer questionnaires efficiently

Win more tenders

Save time in the tendering process

Focus on business growth

FAQ list:
How can Tended.ai help businesses save time? What formats of tenders can be imported into Tended.ai? What are the core features of Tended.ai?


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