Teamie AI

Teamie is an AI assistant designed to help teams streamline their workflow and improve productivity. It integrates with various business applications and provides instant access to information, task management, IT support, HR assistance, and more.

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how to use:
To use Teamie, simply connect it with your team’s messaging apps and other relevant platforms. Teamie will gather knowledge from documents, links, databases, and other sources. You can then ask questions, request task reviews, seek IT support, or inquire about company policies and work-life balance. Teamie also provides analytics and access restrictions for improved knowledge management.
Core freatures:
Ask any question and get related information to complete tasks fasterReview past work and gain insights for continuous improvementGet IT support and troubleshoot issues without waitingInquire about company policies and achieve work-life balanceCite sources and access one-click email supportAnalytics to analyze conversations and improve knowledge baseAccess restrictions for authorized information
Use case:

Reduce time spent searching for internal information

Cut down support tickets and repetitive queries

Improve onboarding experience for new employees

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