Tavus is an advanced AI video personalization platform that automatically generates personalized videos for each audience member. It allows users to customize videos with unique voice variables, drive repeat conversions, and increase audience engagement.

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how to use:
1. Record one video: Users simply need to record a single video as a template.
2. Customize videos: Tavus automatically transforms the template into countless AI-generated videos, customizing them with unique voice variables for each customer.
3. Drive engagement and conversions: Send the personalized videos to the audience to inspire loyalty and encourage repeat conversions.
Core freatures:
AI Voice & Face Cloning: Tavus uses advanced AI technology to clone the user’s voice and facial features, providing a personalized experience in each video.Branded Landing Pages: Users can add their brand’s logo, colors, custom CTAs, and more to create immersive experiences for their audience.Dynamic Backgrounds: Tavus captures personalized backgrounds such as company websites or social media profiles to provide contextual support to the message.Integration with CRM and Automation Tools: Tavus seamlessly integrates with popular CRM and automation tools like Salesforce and HubSpot to activate personalized videos as part of automated workflows.Scalability: Users can easily generate thousands or even millions of personalized videos by switching out variables, saving time and resources.
Use case:

Sales & Marketing: Personalized videos can be used for outreach, cold outreach, following up with leads, promoting products or services, and more.

Customer Success: Tavus can be utilized to engage with customers, celebrate milestones, deliver personalized messages, and drive customer loyalty.

Consumer: Personalized videos can be used to enhance customer experiences, provide product recommendations, deliver special offers or rewards, and more.

Recruiting: Tavus can be used to send personalized video messages to potential candidates, share job opportunities, and stand out in the hiring process.

Real Estate: Tavus enables real estate professionals to create personalized property showcase videos, connect with potential buyers or sellers, and provide virtual tours.

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