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Talkio AI is the ultimate language training app for the browser that uses AI technology to help you improve your oral language skills. It offers a safe and supportive environment for practicing speaking with the help of AI tutors.

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how to use:
To use Talkio AI, simply sign up for a free 7-day trial with your credit card. Once registered, you can access the app in any modern browser or mobile browser. Choose from the available languages and accents, and engage in voice conversations with AI tutors to improve your oral language skills.
Core freatures:
Voice Conversations: Have interesting and fun voice conversations with AI tutors.Pronunciation: Assess and practice your pronunciation with word-by-word feedback.Multiple Languages and Accents: Choose from 134 languages and accents to practice your speaking skills.Topics: Choose from a wide range of topics to discuss with AI tutors.Feedback: Get instant feedback on your language skills and tips on how to improve.Translations: Receive instant translations to support you in your conversations.
Use case:

Language learning and improvement

Practicing oral language skills

Building confidence in speaking

Preparing for language proficiency tests

Developing fluency in different dialects

FAQ list:
How much does Talkio AI cost? Is there a free plan? Who is behind Talkio AI? Is payment secure? Where is my data stored? Can I get a refund? What browsers can I use? Do I need to bring my own API key or login for ChatGPT? How is Talkio AI different from Voice Control for ChatGPT? How can I contact Talkio AI?


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