Tabnam is an AI-powered bot that replaces traditional feedback surveys by collecting feedback from customers conversationally over various messaging platforms. It helps businesses gather more actionable customer feedback by engaging in natural text message conversations.

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how to use:
To use Tabnam, schedule a demo and integrate it with your POS, order management system, or other platforms where you receive customer feedback. Tabnam will then engage with customers over text message or other messaging apps, ask them questions, and collect feedback. The AI behind Tabnam analyzes the feedback and provides actionable insights that can be used to improve customer experience, conduct market research, prioritize product management, and enhance quality assurance.
Core freatures:
Collect feedback through text message and various messaging appsAutomatically aggregate feedback from multiple sourcesGet actionable insights in secondsAchieve higher response rates on feedback surveysConduct market research with faster survey response timesAggregate and prioritize GitHub issues, Zendesk tickets, and moreContinuously monitor customer experience with timed surveysGet deep insights on customer feedback topics through AI analysisIntegrate with popular platforms like Intercom, Zendesk, GitHub, Yotpo, Typeform, Salesforce, HubSpot, and ServiceNowListen to all your customers and capture feedback
Use case:

Customer Success: Improve response rates on feedback surveys and identify pain points

Market Research: Survey customers quickly and analyze results to gain insights

Product Management: Aggregate and analyze feedback from multiple sources to prioritize roadmap

Quality Assurance: Monitor and observe customer experience in real-time

Startup Founders: Gather more feedback from customers and accelerate product-market fit

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