TableBits by LENSELL

TableBits is a table data extractor that allows users to automatically extract tables from any PDF document quickly and efficiently.

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how to use:
To use TableBits, simply upload your PDF files (up to 100 files at once) and the tool will extract the tables for you. You can extract tables from various types of documents such as annual reports, financial statements, bank statements, invoices, and more. The average extraction time per file is 60 seconds. You can also specify an extraction range if needed.
Core freatures:
Automatically extract tables from PDFsUpload up to 100 files at onceSupports files up to 400 pages eachAverage extraction time of 60 seconds per file
Use case:

Extract tables from annual reports

Extract tables from financial statements

Extract tables from sustainability reports

Extract tables from bank statements

Extract tables from invoices

Extract tables from telco statements

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