syntheticAIdata is a platform that helps businesses generate high-quality synthetic data for training vision AI models. It provides a cost-effective solution for acquiring synthetic data and offers support for various computer vision tasks such as image classification, segmentation, and object detection. The platform is backed by Microsoft for Startups and is a part of the NVIDIA Inception program.

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how to use:
To use syntheticAIdata, follow these steps:
1. Upload your 3D model using the web-based dashboard.
2. Configure the options for data generation, such as backgrounds and lighting, or use the default options.
3. Download the generated synthetic data, which can be stored in your account for future use.
4. Integrate the solution with cloud-based services or import the data into your development environments for training your AI models.
Core freatures:
The core features of syntheticAIdata include:
– 3D Models: Import realistic 3D models to generate synthetic data for AI vision model training.
– Backgrounds: Choose from a variety of colors and shapes, real-world pictures, and auto-generated backgrounds.
– Lighting: Customize lighting options to enhance the realism of 3D models and diversify synthetic data.
– Annotation Types: Support for three popular image annotation types – object detection, semantic segmentation, and image classification.
– Scaling: Easily scale data generation to create image batches that suit your requirements and improve model accuracy.
Use case:

syntheticAIdata is trusted by businesses in various industries for their vision AI model training needs. Some use cases include:
– Manufacturing: Generating synthetic data from 3D models to train AI models for quality control, defect detection, and process optimization.
– Automotive: Creating realistic synthetic data for training AI models in autonomous driving, object detection, and driver-assistance systems.
– Retail: Using synthetic data to train AI models for inventory management, visual merchandising, and customer analytics.

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