Synthesys X is an AI-powered suite that revolutionizes content production. It offers voice, video, and image generators to elevate content creation.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for free on
2. Choose the desired tool: AI Voices, AI Humans, or AI Images.
3. Follow the intuitive user interface to generate voiceovers, videos, or images.
4. Customize the content based on your needs.
5. Export and use the generated content in your projects.
Core freatures:
AI Voices: Over 400 ultra-realistic voices available in 140+ languages.AI Humans: Create videos with AI avatars, pitch-perfect lip syncing, and diverse avatars.AI Images: Generate eye-catching visuals, stock photos, logos, and design scenarios.No studio time required: Use world-class actors without the need for expensive equipment.Supports 60+ languages: Choose from a wide range of languages for voiceovers.Full HD video exporting: Export high-quality videos for various purposes.Customizable voices: Edit the finished voiceovers as easily as any document.Create conversations: Generate multiple actor conversations in a single file.Monetizable stock photos: Generate and sell premium stock photos at scale.
Use case:


On Hold Messages



Video Sales Letters


Explainer videos



Training videos


FAQ list:
What types of content can be created with How many languages are supported for voiceovers? Can I customize the generated voiceovers? Can I create conversations with multiple actors using Is there any pricing information available on the website?


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