Synthace is a life science experiment platform that allows R&D teams to design powerful experiments, run them in the lab, and gather automatically structured datasets. It eliminates the need for coding.

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how to use:
To use Synthace, simply design your experiment using the platform’s intuitive interface. Once designed, you can run the experiment in your lab, with the platform automatically collecting and organizing the experiment data. No coding is required.
Core freatures:
Design and run powerful experimentsAutomatically gather and structure experiment dataNo coding necessaryDynamic automation for updating experiment parametersContext-rich experiment data visualization and analysisProtocol reproducibility across labs and teams
Use case:

DOE for assay development

DOE for media optimization

DOE for miniaturized purification assays

qPCR experiments

ELISA experiments

Bioprocess development and data management

Miniaturized purification experiments

Molecular biology experiments

DNA assembly

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