is an AI-powered medical symptom checker that allows users to describe their symptoms in their own words in order to better understand their health concerns.

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how to use:
To use, simply enter your age and gender, describe your main symptoms and provide details such as when the symptoms started, their severity, any changes over time, factors that make them better or worse, recent illnesses or travel history, relevant health issues and surgeries, social history, current or recently used medications, and any relevant test results. Then click ‘Continue’ and the AI will provide non-reviewed AI-generated responses based on your symptoms.
Core freatures:
The core features of include: AI-powered evaluation of symptoms, ability to describe symptoms in your own words, consideration of relevant factors such as severity and changes over time, provision of non-reviewed AI-generated responses, and the ability to generate reports based on user inputs.
Use case: can be used by individuals who want to better understand their health concerns, gather information for discussions with their healthcare providers, or seek initial guidance on symptoms before consulting a professional. It can also be used by healthcare professionals as a supplementary tool for symptom evaluation and as a reference for exploring potential diagnoses.

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