SwiftSheets.ai is an AI-powered copilot for Google Sheets that enhances productivity and simplifies spreadsheet tasks. It leverages natural language understanding and deep learning algorithms to provide intelligent analysis, dynamic manipulation, and advanced chart generation.

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how to use:
To use SwiftSheets.ai, simply install the extension and create a SwiftSheets profile. Once installed, you can seamlessly interact with Google Sheets using natural language instructions. Ask questions about your data, make changes, and generate detailed graphs and charts with ease.
Core freatures:
GPT-4 Level Intelligent Spreadsheet AnalysisDynamic Spreadsheet ManipulationAdvanced Chart and Graph Generation
Use case:

Data analysis and exploration

Report generation

Business forecasting

Financial modeling

Project management

FAQ list:
What do you do with my data? Do I need to provide an API Key? Can I contact SwiftSheets with any comments?


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