Superhuman is a blazingly fast email experience designed for teams and individuals. It offers an AI-powered email platform that helps users be more productive, responsive, and stress-free. With features like Split Inbox, automated email drafting with Superhuman AI, follow-up reminders, snippets, and read statuses, Superhuman streamlines email management and saves valuable time for users.

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how to use:
Sign up for a Superhuman account. Connect your existing Gmail or Outlook email account to Superhuman. Explore and customize the Superhuman interface based on your preferences. Utilize features like Split Inbox to prioritize and triage incoming emails. Quickly draft emails by leveraging Superhuman AI to turn phrases into full emails. Manage follow-up reminders to ensure important emails are not forgotten. Save time by using snippets to automate frequently used phrases or entire emails. Reduce email anxiety by snoozing emails for later and decluttering your inbox. Take advantage of read statuses to see when your emails have been read by recipients. Collaborate effectively with your team by sharing read statuses and avoiding email collisions. Access social insights from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to enhance your communication with contacts. Integrate your calendar with Superhuman for seamless scheduling and event creation. Benefit from autocorrect functionality to fix errors as you type and speed up your email composition.
Core freatures:
Split Inbox: Automatically triage incoming email and focus on what needs your attention.Superhuman AI: Write entire emails with just one line using AI-powered email drafting.Follow-up Reminders: Never drop the ball on important emails by setting reminders.Snippets: Automate frequently used phrases or entire emails to save time and increase efficiency.Snooze Emails: Declutter your inbox by snoozing emails to be dealt with later.Read Statuses: See when people read your emails and follow up with the right message.Autocorrect: Fix errors as you type to improve typing speed and accuracy.Team Collaboration: Share read statuses with your team to communicate and collaborate more effectively.Social Insights: Access information from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to enhance email communication.Calendar Integration: Schedule events and view your calendar within Superhuman.
Use case:

Individuals and professionals who receive a high volume of emails and want to streamline their email management process.

Teams and organizations looking to improve productivity, collaboration, and email responsiveness.

Sales professionals who want to improve their communication with potential customers and close deals more effectively.

Recruiters and hiring managers who need to efficiently communicate with candidates and schedule interviews.

Business professionals who want to save time by automating frequently used email phrases or snippets.

FAQ list:
Can I use Superhuman with my Gmail or Outlook email account? How does Superhuman’s AI-powered email drafting work? How can Superhuman help me with email triage? Can Superhuman help me stay organized with follow-up emails? Is it possible to automate frequently used email phrases with Superhuman? Can Superhuman help me manage my calendar while composing emails?


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