SupaSQL is a tool that allows users to generate SQL queries using natural language. It utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in converting their query descriptions into SQL statements.

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how to use:
To use SupaSQL, follow these steps:
1. Connect your database to SupaSQL.
2. Describe your query using natural language, specifying the data you want to retrieve or manipulate.
3. SupaSQL’s AI Copilot will generate the corresponding SQL query based on your description.
4. Execute the generated SQL query on your connected database to retrieve the desired data or perform the intended actions.
Core freatures:
Generation of SQL queries from natural language descriptionsArtificial Intelligence Copilot assistanceSupport for various databasesIntegration with popular tools (Slack, Notion, Retool, Data Studio)Trusted by reputable companiesCustom models trained with real-world queries for accuracy
Use case:

Generating complex SQL queries with ease

Writing SQL queries confidently

Making advanced concepts like row level security accessible

Getting specific data needed from databases efficiently

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