Subtxt is an intelligent outliner and writing tool that helps storytellers craft complete and compelling narratives. It works as a digital mentor, providing guidance and support throughout the creative process, while imparting wisdom of narrative structure and theory.

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how to use:
To use Subtxt, simply sign up and choose a plan. Start by accessing the basic examples and analyses or unlock full features with the Quantum Plan. With access to over 32,000 unique story structures and the help of the AI-driven digital mentor, Subtxt Muse, you can enhance your storytelling skills and create engaging narratives.
Core freatures:
Intelligent outliner and writing toolAI-driven digital mentor, Subtxt MuseAccess to over 32,000 unique story structuresGuidance on narrative structure and theoryContext-sensitive writing promptsExtensive example librarySupport for various storytelling mediums (novels, screenplays, TV series)
Use case:

Crafting complete and captivating narratives

Enhancing storytelling skills

Exploring different narrative structures

Generating creative ideas and inspiration

Improving narrative coherence and direction

FAQ list:
What is Subtxt? How do I use Subtxt? What are the core features of Subtxt? What can I use Subtxt for? What are the pricing options for Subtxt?


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