StoryTagger is a video storytelling platform designed for fast-changing organizations. It allows users to transform real stories and work experiences into powerful and on-point employee-generated content. To use StoryTagger, follow these simple steps:1. Design and invite colleagues to share their work stories using customizable story templates.2. Reflect and record stories using the StoryTagger desktop or mobile apps.3. Review and share authentic, on-topic stories reflecting your company culture on various platforms. StoryTagger offers the following core features:- Customizable story templates- Desktop and mobile apps for recording- Authentic and on-topic stories- AI-generated transcripts- Integration with current platforms- Story review and sharing StoryTagger can be used in the following ways:1. Inspire real change and spread good practice, engagement, and connection throughout the company.2. Develop a storytelling strategy to improve culture, upskill employees, improve retention, and align with business goals.3. Overcome information overload and add vital organizational context to learning initiatives.

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