STORYD is an AI-powered presentation tool that helps users create compelling and clear data presentations in seconds. With STORYD, users can avoid being ignored by leaders and instead gain recognition for their hard work.

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how to use:
To use STORYD, follow these three easy steps: 1. Write a few sentences about your presentation topic. 2. Watch as STORYD generates an AI script and design for your presentation in just 60 seconds. 3. Export the professional deck to PowerPoint and impress your audience. Additionally, users can unlock their creative potential with features like Story Starters for inspiration, AI script generation for writer’s block, and professional slide design options.
Core freatures:
STORYD offers the following core features: AI script and design generation, professional slide deck export to PowerPoint, 500+ Story Starters for inspiration, AI brainstorming for more content ideas, real-time collaboration with colleagues, customizable slide layouts, visual preview of each slide, and the ability to extract organizational themes and fonts from existing decks.
Use case:

STORYD is ideal for business professionals who want to improve their data presentations. It is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to communicate clearly with data and make their presentations truly compelling. Whether it’s for internal meetings, client presentations, or strategic alliances, STORYD helps users create presentations that capture leaders’ attention and assist in making critical decisions.

FAQ list:
What is STORYD? How does STORYD work? Who can benefit from using STORYD? What core features does STORYD offer? What pricing plans are available for STORYD?


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