SteosVoice, formerly known as CyberVoice, is an advanced speech synthesis platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to create ultra-realistic, high-quality voices. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities for content creators, including TTS (text-to-speech) for videos, mods, and games. SteosVoice aims to be the vocal cords of Artificial Intelligence, providing a comprehensive solution for speech synthesis.

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how to use:
To use SteosVoice, simply sign in or register an account on the platform. Once logged in, you can access over 150 voices and utilize them in various ways. You can create unique content by dubbing videos, adding voice messages for your patrons, or even localizing your YouTube channel. Additionally, SteosVoice can be used for audio books, podcasts, and even as a Telegram Bot. The platform also offers monetization opportunities, allowing you to make money from your voice.
Core freatures:
Ultra-realistic speech synthesisHigh-quality soundTTS for content creatorsVoice messages for patronsLocalization for YouTubeMultiple voices and growing libraryVarious use casesContinuous audio generationPaid plans available
Use case:

YouTube localization

Voice messages for patrons

Businesses and media

Mods for games

Audio books


Telegram Bot

Monetizing your voice

Brand API integration

FAQ list:
Is the Telegram bot free? Can I monetize my voice using SteosVoice? What languages are supported by SteosVoice? Can I create custom voices with SteosVoice? What are the future plans for SteosVoice?


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