Stable Horde

AI Horde is a crowdsourced distributed cluster of Image generation workers and text generation workers.

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how to use:
To use AI Horde, you need to first register an account and generate an API key. With this API key, you can make requests for image generation or text generation. There are various GUIs and tools available for different use cases, including web UIs, mobile apps, command line tools, and plugins for different software. Additionally, there are integration options for game engines, Discord bots, Mastodon bots, Reddit bots, and more.
Core freatures:
Crowdsourced distributed cluster of image and text generation workersMultiple GUIs and tools availableIntegration options for various platforms and softwareREST API for developersSupport for anonymous usage with lower priorityIncrease priority and kudos by registering an account
Use case:

Generating images for games or art projects

Generating text for writing or content creation

Integrating AI generation into applications or platforms

Automating image or text generation with AI bots

FAQ list:


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