SpoofGPT.com is a website that mimics the UI of generative AI tools, but with a crucial twist – it’s fake. It allows users to specify the response they want from the SpoofAI chatbot, enabling them to make the generative AI say whatever they want.

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how to use:
To use SpoofGPT.com, simply visit the website and interact with the SpoofAI chatbot. You can input your desired response and see it generated by the AI. There is no need for sign up or registration, and it is currently free to use.
Core freatures:
The core feature of SpoofGPT.com is the ability to customize the response of the generative AI. Users have full control over what the AI says, allowing them to create AI-generated memes, simulate AI evilness, or use it for short form video content.
Use case:

SpoofGPT.com can be used for various purposes, including creating generative AI memes, pretending to have discovered AI as evil, or generating content for short videos. The possibilities are endless, and users can unleash their creativity to come up with new and exciting use cases.

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