Spellbook is an AI-powered platform that utilizes GPT-3 and GPT-4 models to review and suggest language for contracts directly in Microsoft Word. It is designed to assist lawyers and legal professionals in drafting and reviewing contracts efficiently.

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how to use:
To use Spellbook, legal professionals can sign up for early access on the website. Once onboarded, users can integrate Spellbook into Microsoft Word. They can then open their contracts in Word and utilize Spellbook’s AI capabilities to suggest language, draft new clauses, detect aggressive terms, identify missing clauses and definitions, provide negotiation suggestions, and automatically detect pressing issues in data rooms (coming soon).
Core freatures:
Instantly suggest language for contracts based on contextual analysisDraft new clauses and entire sections quicklyIdentify and flag potential aggressive or unusual termsHighlight missing clauses and definitions for comprehensive contractsProvide suggestions for negotiation pointsAuto Diligence feature for automatic issue detection in data rooms (upcoming)Powered by GPT-4, an advanced large language model from OpenAIIntegration with Microsoft Word for seamless usage
Use case:

Lawyers can save time and effort by leveraging AI to review and suggest language for contracts

Legal professionals drafting contracts can quickly generate new clauses and sections based on contextual analysis

Spellbook can assist in identifying potential aggressive or uncommon terms in contracts

Users can ensure comprehensive contracts by receiving suggestions for missing clauses and definitions

Legal professionals can utilize Spellbook’s negotiation suggestions to improve deal outcomes

Spellbook’s upcoming Auto Diligence feature can automatically detect critical issues in data rooms

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