Sourcebae is a talent marketplace that connects funded startups or companies with remote developers for contract positions.

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how to use:
To use Sourcebae, startups or companies with a product or service can sign up and create a profile. They can then post job listings specifying their requirements for remote developers. Developers who are interested can browse through the job listings and apply for the positions. The startups or companies can review the applications and select the developers they want to interview. Once the hiring process is complete, the selected developers can start working remotely for the startup or company.
Core freatures:
Connects funded startups or companies with remote developersAllows startups or companies to create job listingsEnables developers to browse and apply for remote positionsFacilitates the hiring process for both parties
Use case:

Startups or companies looking to build or grow their remote development team

Companies with a product or service seeking skilled remote developers

Funded startups in need of contract developers

Companies wanting to harness the benefits of remote work

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