SolidGrids is an AI-powered image enhancing platform specifically designed for e-commerce. It automates the process of enhancing product images, including adjusting backgrounds, lighting, banners, and more, to fit a company’s branding. The platform saves time and resources by generating marketable images in seconds without the need for manual review.

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how to use:
To use SolidGrids, you need to configure the platform once with your desired branding preferences. After the initial setup, the automation takes over, enhancing your images without any further intervention required. Simply upload your product images to the platform, and SolidGrids will automatically adjust backgrounds, lighting, and other elements to align with your company’s branding. The enhanced images are then ready to be published on your e-commerce site.
Core freatures:
Fully automated image enhancing for e-commerceConfigurable branding preferencesAutomated background removalSeamless cloud integrationsSpeed and cost-effectiveness
Use case:

E-commerce businesses that want to streamline their image post-production process

Businesses looking to enhance their product images to align with their branding

Companies that want to improve conversion rates by removing distracting backgrounds from product images

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