SnapEdit – All-in-one AI Photo Editor

SnapEdit.App is a visual AI platform that utilizes AI technology to automatically remove objects/people from images, edit and enhance photos, and provide various photo editing features. It is a free online photo editor that allows users to easily edit and improve their photos without the need for complex software like Photoshop.

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how to use:
To use SnapEdit.App, simply upload your photo or drag and drop it into the ‘Upload Photo’ frame. Then you can select the desired editing feature, such as removing objects from the photo or erasing watermarks/text. The AI technology will automatically detect objects in the image, and you can adjust and preview the edits before downloading or sharing the final image.
Core freatures:
Remove objects/people from photos using AI detection technologyRemove watermarks, text, logos from imagesRestore old photos by removing scratches, spots, and tearsChange the sky background in photosEnhance and beautify photos by removing acne, wrinkles, and skin defects
Use case:

Remove unwanted tourists from travel photos

Remove text and watermarks from images

Restore old photos by fixing scratches and tears

Enhance photos by removing acne and wrinkles

Change the sky background to create unique and stunning images

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