SnapAndSolve is a homework solver platform that allows users to snap photos or upload images of questions they need answers for. The platform then generates precise answers to each question separately.

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how to use:
To use SnapAndSolve, simply take a photo or upload an existing image of the questions you’d like to find answers for. For better results, it is recommended to take separate images for each question instead of all of them at once. After capturing or uploading the image, the platform will crop it and generate answers. Please be patient as the process may take up to 30 seconds.
Core freatures:
The core features of SnapAndSolve include:
– Instant question answer generation
– Ability to snap or upload images
– Image cropping for better results
– Precise answers to each question
– User-friendly interface
Use case:

SnapAndSolve can be used in various scenarios, such as:
– Completing homework assignments
– Studying for exams
– Getting quick answers to specific questions
– Clarifying doubts in various subjects

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