What is Snap2Pass? Snap2Pass is an online service that allows you to create visa and passport photos directly from your smartphone with guaranteed compliance to requirements. It offers a convenient and efficient way to obtain high-quality photos that meet the standards of various official agencies.

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how to use:
How to use Snap2Pass? Using Snap2Pass is simple! Just follow these steps:

1. Choose the type of document you need a photo for (e.g., passport, visa).
2. Select the specific document type and size required.
3. Take a photo with your smartphone.
4. Snap2Pass’s AI technology will automatically check the photo for compliance.
5. The background will be removed, and the photo will be resized and cropped to the correct dimensions.
6. Review the final photo and make any necessary adjustments.
7. Pay for the service if you are satisfied with the result.
8. Receive your digital passport or visa photo.
Core freatures:
Guaranteed compliance to visa and passport photo requirementsEasy photo capture using a smartphoneAI technology to check conditions and ensure accuracyBackground removal and resizing/cropping of photosAbility to try multiple photos for freeFast and efficient serviceUp-to-date with 2023 regulations
Use case:

Applying for a new passport or visa

Renewing an existing passport or visa

Updating a passport or visa photo

Assisting others in obtaining compliant visa or passport photos

Providing accurate and professional photos for official purposes

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