Smousss is an AI-powered assistant designed specifically for Laravel developers. It offers a range of features to help developers with legacy projects, including making projects translatable, generating missing Laravel Nova admin panels, and more. Smousss utilizes machine learning to automate repetitive tasks and improve developer productivity.

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how to use:
To use Smousss, start by signing up with your GitHub account. Once signed in, you can install various Smousss packages for Laravel such as ‘laravel-globalize’ for making projects translatable, ‘laravel-novalize’ for generating Laravel Nova admin panels, and more. Each package has its own installation instructions. Smousss also supports generating missing migrations and model factories, and migrating from PHPUnit to Pest 2. Follow the installation instructions for each package of your choice to utilize Smousss’s features in your Laravel projects.
Core freatures:
Make Laravel projects translatableGenerate missing migrationsGenerate missing model factoriesMigrate from PHPUnit to Pest 2Generate Laravel Nova admin panels
Use case:

Translating legacy Laravel projects

Generating Laravel Nova admin panels for easy project management

Automating repetitive tasks for improved developer productivity

Creating random fake data for seeders and automated tests

Improving test readability and maintainability by migrating from PHPUnit to Pest 2

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