SmartWriter is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create highly personalized cold emails and LinkedIn messages. It uses AI to generate tailored copy based on the user’s input, making it easy to reach out to potential customers and clients. With SmartWriter, users can automate their outreach process and increase their conversion rates.

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how to use:
Using SmartWriter is simple and straightforward. First, users need to input some information about their prospect, such as their recent posts, achievements, or job description. SmartWriter will then generate personalized messages based on this input. Users can also personalize the message further by including information about the company or recent news. Once the message is generated, users can send it with just one click. SmartWriter makes it easy to send hyper-personalized emails and increase the chances of getting a response.
Core freatures:
AI-powered email and message generationDeep enrichment with prospect’s dataAutomated SEO backlink outreachSocial media content generationPersonalized icebreakersContextual pitchesAbility to personalize based on social activity, recommendations, and achievementsGenerates AI-first line personalized messagesPersonalizes based on the company’s industry, recent news, case studies, or blog posts
Use case:

B2B sales

Social personalization

Deep researched cold emails

Simplifying product feedback process

Leveraging network effects

Generating personalized pitches for sales and marketing

FAQ list:


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