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Sku Fetch is a product fetching and preparation service that retrieves product information from hundreds of suppliers, structures it for easy editing and adjustment, and forwards it to a variety of listing services. It supports multiple marketplaces and offers features such as item finding, keyword research, competition analysis, reviews integration, batch processing, AI-powered content manipulation, multiple data sources, workspaces, CDN hosting, virtual assistant access, bundle creation, and more.

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how to use:
To use Sku Fetch, you need to register for an account. Once registered, you can start by selecting the desired marketplace(s) and suppliers you want to fetch products from. Sku Fetch will retrieve product information including title, price, stock level, shipping price, description, features, specs, images, reviews, and bundles. You can then edit and adjust this information as needed. Sku Fetch supports various external applications and marketplace listers for easy listing of your products. You can also utilize AI capabilities to rewrite, summarize, expand, and add keywords to your product listings. Additionally, Sku Fetch offers tools for item finding, keyword research, competition analysis, and more. You can create multiple workspaces with separate settings and items. Sku Fetch also provides CDN hosting for quick and secure access to static data such as images. Virtual assistants can be granted access to your account for assistance with VA work. Finally, Sku Fetch offers options for affiliate marketing.
Core freatures:
Data fetching, preparation, and listing for multiple marketplacesItem finding with highest margins and best ratingsMultiple free templates for product usageKeyword finder based on product titlesProduct UPC generationCompetition analysisIntegration of reviews from supporting websitesBatch processing with preset settingsAI-powered content manipulation with Open AI & ChatGPTSupport for over 600 suppliers from multiple countriesCreation of multiple workspacesCDN hosting for quick and secure access to static dataVirtual assistant access via permission setBundling of multiple products into unique bundlesAffiliate marketing solutions
Use case:

E-commerce sellers looking to fetch and list products on various marketplaces

Sellers searching for profitable items with high margins and good ratings

Businesses in need of templates and keyword research for optimizing product listings

Sellers requiring UPC generation for products missing UPCs

Users interested in analyzing competition and their product data

Sellers wanting to include reviews from supporting websites in their listings

Users with a large number of products to process and list, either immediately or in draft mode for further editing

Sellers looking to rewrite, summarize, expand, and add keywords to product titles and descriptions using AI

Businesses sourcing products from a variety of suppliers worldwide

Users needing separate workspaces with different settings and items

Businesses seeking quick and secure access to static data such as images

Sellers requiring virtual assistant access for assistance with account management and tasks

Users wanting to create unique product bundles or automatically generate bundles based on supplier suggestions

Designers, influencers, and marketing gurus looking for affiliate marketing opportunities

FAQ list:
What is Sku Fetch? How do I use Sku Fetch? What are the core features of Sku Fetch? What are the use cases for Sku Fetch? How much does Sku Fetch cost?


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