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SketchPro is an AI copilot for architecture and design that allows users to effortlessly create renderings at any stage in the design process. It harnesses the power of AI to reimagine spaces and enables generative design.

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how to use:
To use SketchPro, simply sign up for the waitlist. Once registered, users can start with any sketch, elevation, or 3D model and see their designs come to life through real-time rendering powered by AI. SketchPro can be used for various purposes such as architecture, interior design, real estate, and product/furniture design.
Core freatures:
Real-time rendering: Powered by AI, SketchPro offers real-time rendering capabilities to bring designs to life.Architecture: Users can start with sketches, elevations, or 3D models and leverage SketchPro’s AI to visualize and iterate on architectural designs.Interior Design: SketchPro enables users to visualize different perspectives on interiors and customize unique styles.Real Estate: With the power of AI, SketchPro allows users to reimagine existing spaces and explore new possibilities.Product and Furniture Design: SketchPro supports iterative design processes and helps users explore variations in early concepts.Collaboration: Teams can utilize SketchPro to streamline their design workflow and work together more efficiently.
Use case:


Interior Design

Real Estate

Product Design

Furniture Design

Generative Design

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