SketchEdge is an AI-powered tool that extracts line drawings from your photos or images. It accurately captures the contours while applying human-like soft lines, offering a unique experience compared to traditional realistic line drawing extraction.

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how to use:
To use SketchEdge, simply upload your photo or image to the platform and let the AI algorithm work its magic. The tool will automatically extract a natural-looking line drawing from your input. You can then download the extracted artwork for use in designs, comic backgrounds, or as reference materials.
Core freatures:
AI-powered line drawing extractionAccurate contour detectionHuman-like soft linesNatural-looking hand-drawn style
Use case:

Design projects

Comic backgrounds

Reference materials

FAQ list:
What is SketchEdge? How do I use SketchEdge? What are the core features of SketchEdge? What are some use cases for SketchEdge? Is there a pricing for SketchEdge?


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