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Sirens is a charity NFT project created by the ZibraAI team, aiming to fundraise for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The project utilizes a neural network pipeline to generate artworks depicting the important events of the Russian war against Ukraine. These artworks will be sold as NFTs, with all funds raised from the sales donated to assist Ukraine in addressing the humanitarian crisis caused by the war.

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how to use:
To support the cause, you can participate in the NFT sale on the Sirens Gallery website. The neural network has generated 1991 paintings illustrating major events of the Russian-Ukrainian full-scale war. The NFT Sale will be available on the website, and you can purchase the NFTs or donate to the Ukrainian charity fund directly. By buying NFTs or donating, you contribute to helping war victims and the reconstruction of affected cities.
Core freatures:
1. Artwork Generation: Utilizes a neural network pipeline to generate artworks from text descriptions of significant events.
2. NFT Sales: Offers the generated artworks as NFTs for purchase, with all funds donated to support Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis.
3. History Preservation: Uses blockchain technology to preserve and document the history of the Russian war against Ukraine.
Use case:

1. Fundraising for Humanitarian Aid: Supports Ukraine by purchasing NFTs or donating to the charity fund, helping war victims and contributing to the reconstruction of affected cities.
2. History Preservation: Allows individuals to own and preserve a digital representation of significant events during the Russian-Ukrainian war through the purchase of NFT artworks.
3. Generative AI for Social Impact: Demonstrates the application of Generative AI in creating art for a charitable cause, showcasing the potential of technology in addressing humanitarian crises.

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