Simple Phones

Simple Phones is an AI phone agent service that helps businesses never miss a call from a customer. By forwarding missed calls or providing a new number, Simple Phones uses AI to answer incoming calls and handle customer inquiries. The AI phone agent can be customized to improve its performance and can handle both inbound and outbound calls. It also provides call logging and customizable voices, allowing businesses to create a consistent brand experience.

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how to use:
To use Simple Phones, sign up and generate a starter AI agent by providing information about your business. The AI agent can answer calls, book meetings, and leave messages. Customizations can be requested for the language, wording, accents, behavior, phone number, and integrations. Missed calls can be handled by forwarding them to the number provided by Simple Phones. The AI agent can also be integrated with customer management systems to fulfill customer requests. Simple Phones offers prompt and effective support to ensure a successful integration of AI into businesses.
Core freatures:
Inbound Calls: AI voice agent answers calls and improves over timeOutbound Calls: AI agent acts as a salesperson for follow-ups and cold callsLogging: Transparent record of all calls, duration, and transcriptAffordable Plans: Starting at $49/mo for 100 calls with no commitmentCustomization: AI agent can be highly customized for various use casesRouting Calls: Calls can be routed or escalated to different numbersVoices: Choose from a wide variety of languages and accentsCrawling: AI agent can answer questions about website or FAQ documentsService: High-quality support with quick implementation of agent revisions
Use case:

Customer service and support

Sales follow-ups and lead nurturing

Appointment booking

FAQ answering

Information retrieval from custom databases

FAQ list:
How does Simple Phones work? How much does Simple Phones cost? How is the AI agent created? Can I continue to use my existing business phone number? Does the AI integrate with my customer management system? Can the AI agent handle complex customer inquiries? What countries can I get an agent in? What languages or accents do you support? What if I cancel or go over my calls per month? Can I see a demo before signing up? What if I still have questions?


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