SimFin is a stock analysis software and data download platform that provides advanced tools for financial insights with fundamental data and portfolio analysis. It offers a range of features including stock screening, backtesting, and access to financial data of over 5,000 stocks. SimFin is a trusted platform for savvy analysts to optimize investment strategies.

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how to use:
To use SimFin, users can sign up for a free account and gain access to major features. They can then explore the analytics tools such as stock screening, which allows users to build custom filters, indicators, and complex conditions to find stocks that match their criteria. Additionally, users can backtest single stocks or complex strategies, optimizing investment scores and trading signals. SimFin also provides the option to download financial data via API or bulk-CSV, making fundamental and calculated metrics accessible for investors, analysts, and platforms.
Core freatures:
Stock screening with custom filters, indicators, and complex conditionsBacktesting of single stocks or complex strategiesDownload financial data via API or bulk-CSVAccess to 7,000+ financial metrics of 5,000+ companiesVisualization of stock market metrics with line charts, distribution plots, and scatter plotsComparison of line charts and scatter plots with custom metricsShare findings as studies and strategies with othersIntegration with Python and Excel for data analysis and prediction
Use case:

Optimizing investment strategies with advanced stock screening and backtesting

Analyzing and visualizing stock market metrics for historical insights

Building custom filters and indicators for data-driven investment decisions

Creating studies and strategies to share with others

Developing stock value analysis and prediction tools with SimFin data

Enhancing portfolio analysis and asset allocation

FAQ list:
What type of accounts is SimFin offering? Who are the investors of SimFin? Why are there more US stocks listed than European stocks on SimFin? What is a stock screener? What is backtesting of investment strategies? How can I get help for the SimFin tools? Do I have to pay for a SimFin account? Is SimFin a German company?


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