Silly Robot Cards

Silly Robot Cards is an online platform that offers unique and standout greeting cards. It allows users to turn their own photos into memorable and personalized cards.

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how to use:
1. Select Card Designs: Choose your favorite card designs from a wide range of options.2. Upload Photos: Upload 10 or more photos to be used in the cards.3. Pick Greetings Cards: Browse and print your favorite cards to be delivered to your desired address.
Core freatures:
Standout Greetings Cards: Create personalized cards that will make you stand out from the crowd.Turn Selfies into Greetings Cards: Transform your own photos into memorable greeting cards.Funny and Memorable Cards: Make your friends laugh with unique and entertaining card designs.Quality Materials: Cards are printed on 324gsm Mohawk card and come with a paper envelope and protective biodegradable OPP bag.
Use case:

Birthday Cards

Anniversary Cards

Wedding Cards

Thank You Cards

Farewell Cards

Congratulations Cards

New Baby Cards

Sympathy Cards

Easter Cards

Valentine’s Cards

Christmas Cards

Funny Cards

FAQ list:
How much does it cost to print a card? How long does it take for a card to arrive? Can I personalize the card? How do I send a card? What quality is the card? What happens to my pictures after uploading?


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