ShoppingBuddy is a revolutionary shopping AI-assistant that helps users effortlessly discover, chat, and buy products online.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for early access by providing your email.
2. Receive updates and be part of the exclusive community.
3. Connect ShoppingBuddy with your favorite online stores.
4. Use the AI-integrated chat interface to search for products and get personalized recommendations.
5. Narrow down your search with the powerful filtering capabilities of ShoppingBuddy.
6. Enjoy a friendly chat-like shopping experience and easily make purchases.
Core freatures:
AI-integrated shopping assistantSeamless integration with popular online storesAI-powered product filteringFriendly chat-like experience
Use case:

Quickly finding specific products online

Getting personalized product recommendations

Effortlessly making purchases online

Exploring a wide range of products from different online stores

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