Package is an all-in-one building and finishing materials service. It offers curated design packages for bathrooms and kitchens, allowing homeowners to easily choose their favorite design. Package handles all material procurement and provides a 3D rendering preview of the materials. Customers can customize items to suit their style and receive dedicated support throughout the process.

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how to use:
To use Package, follow these steps:
1. Browse through the 200+ curated design packages for bathrooms and kitchens.
2. Choose your favorite package and customize items to fit your style.
3. Work with Package to finalize specifications for your project.
4. Package will handle all material procurement, providing real-time tracking of purchases and deliveries.
5. Receive support from Package’s dedicated materials specialist until everything arrives on time for construction.
6. Enjoy your newly renovated bathroom or kitchen!
Core freatures:
Curated design packages for bathrooms and kitchensCustomizable items to fit specific styleReal-time tracking of material purchases and deliveriesDedicated support from materials specialist3D rendering preview of materials
Use case:

Homeowners looking to renovate their bathrooms or kitchens

Contractors seeking streamlined procurement and support

Individuals who want to save time and effort in material selection

Customers who prefer purchasing all materials for their room renovation at once

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