SheetAI is a Google Sheets add-on that unlocks the power of AI in spreadsheets. It allows users to describe what they want in plain English and watch the magic happen in their spreadsheets.

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how to use:
To use SheetAI, follow these steps:
1. Install the SheetAI add-on for Google Sheets on your desktop or laptop device.
2. Create an OpenAI key by following the provided instructions.
3. Set up your key in the SheetAI app.
4. Describe your desired outcome in plain English.
5. SheetAI will use AI algorithms to automate tasks and generate insights in your spreadsheet.
Core freatures:
The core features of SheetAI include:
1. SHEETAI_BRAIN for efficient copywriting and content generation.
2. SHEETAI_LIST for generating multiple AI-generated answers.
3. SHEETAI_FILL for effortless data population.

Use case:

Some use cases for SheetAI include:
1. Automating copywriting and tagline creation.
2. Generating insights and diverse solutions.
3. Data sanitization and prediction.

FAQ list:
What devices is SheetAI available on? How can I install the SheetAI add-on? What can I do with SheetAI? Can I generate multiple AI-generated answers with SheetAI? Does SheetAI support data population?


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