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Share by ChatGPT is a browser extension that allows users to summarize web pages using ChatGPT and easily share the summaries on social media platforms.

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how to use:
To use Share by ChatGPT, simply add the extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser. When browsing a web page, click on the extension icon to generate a summary using ChatGPT. You can then edit the summary if needed and share it directly on your favorite social media platforms.
Core freatures:
Browser extension for summarizing web pagesIntegration with ChatGPT for generating summariesEasy sharing of summaries on social mediaSupport for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox
Use case:

Quickly summarize news articles and share the key points on Twitter

Condense lengthy blog posts into concise summaries for Facebook

Create short, engaging descriptions of web pages to share on LinkedIn

Generate brief summaries of research papers and share them on academic platforms

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