is the #1 AI Writer for SEO, harnessing the power of generative AI to produce high-quality SEO keyword research and copywriting. It offers features like auto-generating long SEO-rich articles, keyword research done by AI, revealing keywords by audience, and more. With support for over 50 languages, is a valuable tool for SEO marketers.

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how to use:
1. Sign in to and create an account.2. Choose the desired plan and activate the free trial if available.3. Access the dashboard and explore the features.4. Use the AI-generated articles and SEO audits to optimize your content.5. Utilize the AI-powered keyword research tool to discover valuable keywords.6. Leverage the semantic keyword tool and SEO quality score function to enhance your content.7. Access real-time SERP analysis and uncover content gaps.8. Take advantage of the AI-editor to tweak and expand your content.9. Generate more and better content while saving time and effort with’s AI superpowers.
Core freatures:
Auto-generate long SEO-rich articlesGoogle EEAT optimized contentKeyword research done by AIKeyword research by audienceCompetitor keyword analysisMachine learning-based SEO insightsReal-time SERP analysisMarket-leading AI-editor
Use case:

Generating high-quality SEO content

Discovering valuable keywords

Optimizing content for better rankings

Uncovering content gaps

Increasing organic traffic

Saving time and effort in SEO tasks

Enhancing content with rich formatting

Improving content expertise with search intent analysis

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