First AI Presentation Tool

Sendsteps is the world’s first AI-powered interactive presentation tool that streamlines the presentation creation process and saves valuable time.

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how to use:
1. Create an AI presentation by using the AI presentation maker, starting from scratch, uploading a document, or importing PowerPoint.
2. Specify the presentation details such as language, target audience, and title.
3. Start presenting with the ready-made design, content, pictures, and interactive elements.
4. Practice your presentation with speaker notes or present directly.
Core freatures:
AI Presentation Maker: Create presentations with AI assistanceInteractive Presentation: Engage your audience with interactive activitiesLive Q&A: Facilitate real-time questions and answers during presentationsLive Word Cloud: Generate word clouds based on audience responsesLive Quiz: Conduct live quizzes for audience engagement
Use case:

Business professionals: AI-assisted presentations save time and encourage active engagement for better meeting results.

Students/Teachers: Save time creating presentations, promote effective communication and student understanding, and stimulate student motivation through interactive activities.

Event organizers: Enhance event enjoyment and participant engagement through interactive activities, and create a unique and memorable experience.

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