Semafind is a knowledge platform that enables users to organize and discover their private team knowledge. It applies state-of-the-art natural language understanding to make the knowledge accessible. With Semafind, users can create knowledge bases with attachments and markdown support and invite colleagues to collaborate and share information. The platform also offers semantic search to find answers based on meaning, and semantic explore to discover closely related knowledge.

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how to use:
To use Semafind, start by creating an account and logging in. Then, you can create your own knowledge base by storing information in bitesize chunks called ‘knotes.’ You can add attachments and use markdown to organize the information neatly. Invite your colleagues to collaborate and share your knowledge base with them. When searching for information, use semantic search by asking questions instead of relying on keywords. Semafind will find answers based on the meaning. If you’re not sure what to search, use semantic explore to discover knowledge closely related in meaning.
Core freatures:
Create and store knowledge in bitesize chunksAdd attachments and use markdown for organizationInvite colleagues to collaborate and share knowledgeSemantic search based on meaningSemantic explore to discover related knowledge
Use case:

Engineers can use Semafind to store and share technical knowledge, collaborate on projects, and quickly find relevant information without relying on keywords.

Developers can use Semafind to organize code snippets, share solutions, and discover similar patterns or approaches used by others in the team.

Lawyers can use Semafind to store legal research, case studies, and relevant precedents, making it easier to collaborate and quickly find relevant information for their cases.

Marketing teams can use Semafind to store and share marketing strategies, campaign data, and customer insights, facilitating collaboration and ensuring easy access to valuable information for decision-making.

Researchers can use Semafind to store research papers, findings, and related studies, making it easier to collaborate, discover connections, and access relevant information for their research projects.

FAQ list:
What is Semafind? How can I use Semafind? What are the core features of Semafind? What are the use cases for Semafind?


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