SeeTree is a leading company in the Ag-tech industry, providing per-tree intelligence to growers to track their trees?? health and productivity. Their mission is to boost growers and industry ROI by digitally transforming agronomy, operation, and decision making.

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how to use:
To use SeeTree, growers can capture aerial images of their farm, which are then analyzed using AI and machine learning algorithms. The data is stored on SeeTree’s tree database and verified by their scouting team. Users can access their digital farm on a user-friendly intelligence platform, accessible on laptops or mobile devices. SeeTree accompanies growers from the air, ground, and physically from their farms, providing actionable analytics and monitoring capabilities.
Core freatures:
Per-tree health scoreIdentify underperforming treesLocate strong clustersTracking of farming operationsPer tree automated fruit countEstimates months before harvestDigitization of farm for per tree managementCompare the same tree over timeGlobal coverage and millions of trees on one platform
Use case:

Detecting weak trees and quantifying losses

Identifying inefficient irrigation

Monitoring over-spraying and fertilization

Tracking pests and disease

Optimizing fruit production

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