Searchie is a flexible and easy-to-use platform that allows users to create, manage, and sell their content, such as digital courses, membership sites, coaching programs, and more. It provides intelligent automations, AI-powered tools, personalized learning experiences, and features like content organization, transcriptions, captions, and content search.

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how to use:
To use Searchie, start by creating an account and uploading or importing your digital media content from various platforms. Searchie will automatically transcribe and caption your media files, making them searchable. You can then create a customized learning experience by designing a content Hub, selecting specific files, and adding them to the Hub. Searchie also offers features like audience directories, progress indicators, user activity tracking, and analytics to help you monitor content consumption and improve the learning experience for your audience. Finally, you can monetize your content by sharing or selling your knowledge and expertise online.
Core freatures:
Content management and organizationTranscriptions and captionsIntelligent automationsAI-powered toolsPersonalized learning experiencesContent searchabilityCourse and membership creationCoaching program creationAudience directoriesProgress indicatorsUser activity trackingAnalytics and insights
Use case:

Creating and selling digital courses

Building and managing membership sites

Creating and managing coaching programs

Organizing and monetizing digital content

Improving content accessibility and searchability

Streamlining workflows and content processes

Creating personalized and engaging learning experiences

FAQ list:
What types of digital products can I create and sell with Searchie? Can I share my content privately with Searchie? Does Searchie provide transcriptions and captions for my content? Does Searchie offer video hosting? What type of support does Searchie offer?


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