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Scribble is an AI-powered blog writing tool developed by IntegrityXD, a St. Louis-based digital agency. It generates original and high-quality blog articles using artificial intelligence technology called chatGPT. With Scribble, users can simply provide a title and the tool takes care of creating SEO keywords, topic outlines, first draft body copy, and even suggests royalty-free photos. Users can review, polish, and post the articles to their blogs.

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how to use:
Using Scribble is easy:

1. Add your title and keywords: Provide a title for your blog article along with relevant keywords for better SEO optimization.
2. Review and update your outline: Scribble automatically generates an outline based on the title and keywords. Users can reorder, edit, and add sections to customize the outline.
3. Edit your content and publish: Scribble generates a first draft body copy which users can edit, add links, format, and make any necessary modifications. Finally, users can export the content and publish it wherever they need.
Core freatures:
Scribble offers the following core features:
1. SEO optimization: It generates SEO keywords and helps structure the article for better search engine visibility.
2. Hero image generation: Scribble automatically creates a hero image for the blog article based on the title and keywords.
3. Outline generation: It generates a topic outline based on the provided title and keywords, giving users a starting point for their article.
4. First draft generation: Scribble provides a first draft body copy, saving significant time and effort in the writing process.
5. Inline editing: Users can edit, add links, and format the content directly within Scribble before exporting it.
Use case:

Scribble is useful for:
– Freelancers who need to write blog articles quickly and efficiently.
– Digital agencies managing numerous blogs for clients.
– Marketers looking to optimize their content strategy with high-quality blog articles.
– Content marketing writers who want to simplify their daily workflow and save time.

FAQ list:
What is an AI writing tool? Do I need to have keywords to get started? Do I need to worry about plagiarism? Do I own the content that is created? Can I use the photos generated by Scribble?


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