ScholarTurbo is a platform that enables users to utilize the power of ChatGPT for interacting with PDF documents. Users can upload any PDF and ask questions about its content.

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how to use:
To use ScholarTurbo, simply upload a PDF document and start asking questions about it. The AI model, either GPT-4 (for paid users) or GPT-3.5 (for free users), will process your questions and provide relevant answers.
Core freatures:
Upload any PDF documentInteract with the document using natural languageAccess the powerful capabilities of ChatGPTAbility to ask questions and get answers based on the document contentSecure file handling
Use case:

Researching and analyzing academic papers

Studying complex topics from textbooks or research papers

Extracting information from scientific articles

Quickly finding answers or information within PDF documents

FAQ list:
Is ScholarTurbo free? Which languages are supported? What distinguishes GPT-3.5 (ChatGPT) from GPT-4? Are my files secure? Can I delete my files? What is the cancellation policy? How can I reach you for support, feature requests, or bug support?


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