Scene One

Scene One is a free online novel and book writing software that provides an intuitive writing app and AI Writing Assistant to help writers write more effectively and efficiently. It allows users to write books online in their browser and offers features such as a text editor, scene and project management, word count tracking, custom wiki for world-building, manuscript compilation and export, and more.

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how to use:
To use Scene One, simply sign up for a free account on the website. Once signed up, you can access the writing app from any device with a web browser, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. Use the intuitive text editor to start writing your book or novel. Scene One’s AI Writing Assistant can help you write faster and clearer. You can also utilize features like the custom wiki to create and track story elements, and the Save the Cat! Beat Sheet Manager for story planning and revision management. The software securely stores all your work in the cloud, allowing you to access and work on your projects from anywhere.
Core freatures:
Intuitive writing app with a simple text editorScene and project management for easy organizationWord count tracking and goal settingAI Writing Assistant for faster and clearer writingCustom wiki for world-building and tracking story elementsManuscript compilation and export as PDF or DocX
Use case:

Writing books and novels

Overcoming writer’s block

Utilizing writing resources and tools

Collaborating with other writers

Creating and managing story elements

Tracking and developing plots

FAQ list:
Can I write my books online? Is Scene One free to use? Can I track my writing progress? Can I collaborate with other writers on my projects? Can I export my manuscripts? Does Scene One have resources for overcoming writer’s block?


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